Olya Troitskaya

With a graphic design focus
I’m looking to bring together
a variety of cultural, social and
political influences to create
progressive forms.
Initiator of Evening Class.

11 Cressy Houses
Hannibal Road
London E1 3JE
+44 (0)79 3577 6990

Bodies Inside Out

Publication design for a London based artist Geiste Kincinaityte.

Supercommunity website

Website design for Royal College of Art Transnationals project – Supercommunity: post-culture, post-politics, post-meaning.

Training for Exploitation?

The latest publication by Precarious Workers Brigade that provides a pedagogical framework that assists students and others in deconstructing dominant narratives around work, employability and careers, and explores alternative ways of engaging with work and the economy. Designed together with other participants of Evening Class. Free PDF-download available here.

State of the Nation: Exchanges on Homelessness

A live documentation of events happening during State of the Nation: Exchanges on Homelessness at Tate Exchange on 8th and 9th April 2017. Together with Evening Class.

Zvezdniy Prospekt – 2 (website)

The website developed as a part of Zvezdniy Prospekt – 2, a tool that was used to communicate, announce, document, navigate, archive, research materials in relation to the project.

Zvezdniy Prospekt – 2

Research on visual identity of a place within a multi-phase investigation by Moscow-based artist Anastasia Ryabova. The object of the investigation is the process of creating form from the material of the city. The Star Road was first laid out in 2013 in the Italian city of Biella. In 2016 the experiment on building the road is held in Moscow.

Entanglement website

Entanglement website is a result of a long-term research by Casco – Office for Art Design and Theory that explores “the lines that we are” as a way of visualizing and generating the commons.

Lost & Found
invitation and the leader

An invitation and a video for Lost & Found Theatrum Anatomicum on 07–11–2014.

Arts Collaboratory working document

A working document for “Assembly Senegal 2015”.

Judith Cowan Website

A website for a London based artist Judith Cowan.

Arts Collaboratory temporary Website

Arts Collaboratory is a platform for transnational exchange and cooperation made up of over 20 arts organizations from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Website programmed by Artur Turkuli.

Entanglement ~ Siasat, Installation at Jakarta Biennale 2013 together with Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory

Entanglement is one of long-term research projects for CasCo that experiments with diagrammatic visualizations of a multitude of inter-human, non-human relations and pathways generated by art and art institutional practices. As a part of Biennale in Jakarta, an installation/alternative map was created. It aimed to understand space through art and the effects of art institutions.

Entanglement ~ Siasat Workshop

A workshop at Jakarta Biennale made together with Sanne Oorthuizen.

Temporary Entanglement Website with Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory

A research project initiated by CasCo — Office for Art, Design and Theory, inspired by various artistic practices and urban geographical investigation resulting into a website. Website programmed by Asger Behncke Jacobsen.

Posters for “Where are we going, Walt Whitman?”

A part of a series of posters created for 8 lectures, a first half of “Where are we going, Walt Whitman?” – Studium Generale programm 2012-2013 designed with Rudy Guedj, Martin Huger, Sophie Rogg, website made with Asger Behncke Jacobsen.

Identity for “Where are we going, Walt Whitman?” (with Rudy Guedj, Martin Huger, Sophie Rogg)

“Where are we going, Walt Whitman?” is a Studium Generale plan for 2012-2013, a theory program at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. The programm consisted of eight weeks of lectures and one week conference. The identity developed accordingly and included many different instruments.

Weesperflat 1 (with Jules Estèves)

Greeting cards made for Weesperflat series. A project about a student house built by prominent Dutch architect Herman Hertzberger. The series resulted in the publications and events around the social and political changes that building has faced since 1966.

James Stirling

An article by Irénée Scalbert about famous british architect James Stirling made into a publication.

Weesperflat 3 (with Jules Estèves)

A booklet made as a part of a Weesperflat series. The live sculptures reflecting on a student house's functions and the changes the building has faced since it was built in 1966.

Puzzles booklet & poster

A booklet manipulating real objects into logical games.

Logical photos publication

A publication about ways of alternative thinking solving logical problems in a real world.

Link up 9 dots

A booklet reflecting on the relationships between puzzles and their daily use.